What Did I Do This Summer?

Some Personal Secrets 

I have been studying to help people when they take a course that coming up. Why would I do this? Good question and a couple of reason. But first, a little bit of my history.

Growing up in Miami Florida and living four block from a city park and pool; I spent a lot of summers at the city pool even becoming a Jr. Life Guard. After high school I was a Life Guard for the City of Miami during the summers.

After I was discharge from the Marine Corps I entered the Police Academy for the Dade County Sherriff Department. While attending the Academy I took and completed the American Red Cross' courses for Water Safety Instructor and First Aid Instructor. Both classes were in the evening.

 Late Night Studying

The instructor for First Aid also taught us how to make wounds that appeared real. This did take a little artist ability but I did master it. This kept our classes from being boring and dull. Whatever that class was on, when we took a break I would make that wound on someone.

My brother also enjoyed this because when he had to go to a costume Halloween party I would take him and make him up real good with broken bones sticking out along with cuts with a piece of skin rolled over, bruises and of course blood. The blood was military artificial blood and looked and acted like real blood. He would go to the door and knock or ring the bell and when the door was opened he would gasp "help me."  I could hear the screams in my car and know I did a good job.

How Does This Link With Today

After leaving the Sherriff Department I got a job doing outside sales for Sears. I became the top salesperson, in my department, my first year and then top in our Miami Group, 10 stores. Every summer I would teach swimming at our local pool from 8 AM to 11AM. I would hold First Aid classes at least 5 of 6 times during the year. Why? I enjoyed helping people. I have recently learned of Emerson "Give More – Get More."

I had shortened my time for selling outside during the week but still was able to produce more than other folks and never neglected our customer. Also giving up of some of my off time in the evenings also produced the same results from Emerson law.

Now Let's Look At Today

It should be obvious that I like helping people from the above two examples.  When I was doing them I knew nothing about Give More – Get More. But now I know about it; so what do I expect to get? Are you ready for this – Nothing. The Give More – Get More does not work if you expect reciprocity of some kind. It only works when done from the goodness of your heart.  

I will get a better understanding of the material we are working with. This will happen because of study material we will receive and the extra work I will be putting in going over the course material. There is an old saying that if you want to really learn something – teach it. I won't be teaching the classes but if I'm asked a question I will know where to direct someone in the course material to find the answer. Will this be better than just telling them the answer?

I think so for a couple of reasons. First and most important is that when you look something up you retain the information longer. Also the person asking the question might take something different away than I did. Second, if you are the type that wants all the information now and instance gratification from doing a couple of clicks on line: this might now be the type of course that would make you happy. It is 6 month long has home work and lots of fun things to do but instance gratification is not one of them.

So what do I want out of this experience? I hope to help several people get what they want from this course.

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