MKMMA Blame Remover

Blame Remover


Have you ever had a couple of weeks where everything was just falling in place? I did especially with our week off on November 30. That is the night I had purchased ticket to Celtic Thunder back in February through our local PS TV. Well I found that out on Sunday November 17 that there was no webinar for November 30.

 I need my electric cart to be able to get where my seat is in the pit, right next to the stage. Well after posting my Week 7 Blog and attending our webinar Sunday; I'm shopping at a local grocery store and try to make a sharp turn, which I have done so every week, and my cart stopped. I get it to start by backing up but when I go forward there is now a thumping sound. No cart no show. This is late Tuesday night, November 19.

I have commitment the whole week that keeps me from going to the VA hospital, at least a half of day or more of my time, to have the VA check out what happen.  Talked to my brother and he will take a look at it next Wednesday and help build the platform support. So that meant at least a week with no real mobility.

Tuesday morning, November 28, after Week 8 webinar, I decided to go to the VA for cart repairs. It was real early when I head off to the VA hospital to get their people to check out the cart and see what happened. The VA makes poring honey look like an Indy race. After several hours of waiting the tech brings back my cart and explains what he did and the cart is fine. I really wanted to give him a big kiss for that but figured they would take me down to the Section 8 ward if I did. I was definitely happy and relieved.

Now I get to take care of some more business on the other side of the hospital, and it is a big hospital. There is a six bank of elevators and on the second try I get on one, up to the 14 floor. More waiting and I thought the Corps was bad for its hurry up and wait.

Getting up early, the drive to and from the VA and the time spent there made for a very long and tiring day. Well, as my Mom use to tell me "all is well that ends well." It is really surprising, as we get older how much more our parents actually knew.

But who do I blame for these days of panic. Blame the cart for acting up and causing undue stress? Blame my brother for canceling helping build the support for the cart a couple of weeks ago? Blame myself because it is my cart?

Wait The Rest of The Story:

At long last I found it in a spray can, Blame Remover. What a great product with just one spray all blame is removed. No stress no mess just one silly little spray and all blame removed like magic.

So Blame Remover in a spray can is not true. But what is true is believing in the processes that we are learning here in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I would have a stress free week but the old blueprint just did its thing and I noticed that it was very active during that one week.

So Keep The Faith!


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  • November 30, 2014

    Keep believing Jerry…hope you enjoyed the concert tonight!

  • Gary
    November 30, 2014

    Ya, stopping the blame means we accept and move on. so that there is no justification and fighting within yourself. Hence, less suffering.

  • November 28, 2014

    The Good News (if I got the message right) is you are going to go to Celtic Thunder and be next to the stage in spite of all the stress! The Universe did deliver? Can we do a Happy Dance for You? And Keep on “Just Believing”?

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