Week 4 At Last



Week 4 seems to be the week that I correct computer problems. The main reason for this year problems that has a direct effect on MKE is I could not log into my blog.

Every time I would try to log in I received a message like this. ‘Your site it is lock out for the next 24 hours due to three failed attempts.’  I had not been on my blog for at least a week. It seems that someone was using my IL address in attempts to log on to my blog.

I have two very good plug-ins that protect my site and they were doing their job. I also had a service that would remote in and take care of any problems I had. They could not find what was causing this problem and did a complete over night search. Also the computer was at least  5 year; being a HP I was unable to upgrade it, except RAM.

Time for a new computer and I got a new Dell which comes with Windows 10. So now all I have to do is learn how to use Windows 10. I now visualize myself using windows 10 like a Pro. Then I visualize what we are to do for that week.

Has it helped? Yes, and a few times a week I find how to use it better or how to do something I could not fine before. This is right after I get up from the sit. Now a short insert of my blog when I was a student and what the picture is about.

From my first time through as a student!

Crashed, bummer, what to do now? Will I have time to get my week 4 blog up?  I need my computer back up so I don't get dropped from this year's class.   Repeated do it now way over 25 times to build confidence.  What a way to wake up Wednesday's morning.

Hawaii Time is about 5 hours later then I am, so some feel good moment, a little one.  First, call Sam's Tech Support to get a little pro support. That was an interesting conversation; spent almost as much time on hold, while she looked what to say next, as talking with the Tech. This lasted for a little over an hour. I have used Sam's Tech Support before with good results. 

At the end-

I can feel the good karma coming from the class guiding me.  About an hour later I have my computer back. I can feel all the tension and anxiety leave my body. I'll be able to get my week 4 blog in on time."Failure is no longer my payment for struggles." GS

I really believe that my sudden ability to overcome the adverse condition I was in was due to what Haanel said in MK Week 3 Line 16 " can consciously realize this power by a practical demonstration of your ability to overcome any adverse  condition by the power of your thought, you will have nothing to fear." If only brief moment of time.

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