Crashed, bummer, what to do now? Will I have time to get my week 4 blog up?  I need my computer back up so I don't get dropped from this year's class.   Repeated do it now way over 25 times to build confidence.  What a way to wake up Wednesday's morning.

Hawaii Time is about 5 hours later then I am, so some feel good moment, a little one.  First, call Sam's Tech Support to get a little pro support. That was an interesting conversation; spent almost as much time on hold, while she looked what to say next, as talking with the Tech. This lasted for a little over an hour. I have used Sam's Tech Support before with good results. 

The support did not give the same quality of service as previously, how many times I had to ask and how long I had to wait to get to HP Level 2 Support.

 When I did get to HP support we went over several things to correct my problems even though my computer was out of warrantee. But the problem is still there. At this point I agreed to purchase a onetime support for my problem for $49.99.

We spent another 45 minutes trying to solve the problem to no avail. He told me the recovery disks I printed, when I purchased the computer in 2011, were not working correctly. We checked the hard drive and it is fine; so he is sending me new recovery disk out next day delivery. I will have them Thursday. Also I opted for an additional 1 year warrantee from HP at a cost of $50.00 more, total cost $99.99.

Off to Sam's to check computer prices. I was able to talk to the lead person for computers.  Looks like anything that will fit my needs is going to run around $800.00 give or take $50.00. I was not planning on spending that much money right now.  We also discuss the out sourcing of several support areas. 

Sun Set

I know that the young lady I spoke with did not have the best grapes of American English. Also would start reading a response that had nothing to do with the question I was asking by hearing one keyword and locking on that keyword.

I spent a three years working in a call center for U. S. Cellular, after moving to Joliet IL, right before I retired. 

I know the normal thing to do when you retire is to move to Florida, but I did just the opposite and that is another story for another blog. From my experience, I know how easy it is to key in on something you hear. 

But we were train to ask question and listen to what our customer were asking before answering the customer. Also HP had out source some or all of the Level 2 Support from talking with two different Level 2 Support persons.

I get up early because I don't want to miss my FedEx delivery. I'm on my third cup of coffee and done all my morning readings and all my once a day readings. Will the buzzer ever ring with my FedEx delivery? Wait I hear the buzzer and I rush to push the button to unlock outside door. I open my apartment door with excitement getting my computer disk; and the UPS guy show up with my supplement order. What a letdown and it is already noon.

Fifteen to twenty minutes go by and the magic buzzer go off again and I rush to push the button again open the apartment door and the FedEx lady comes down the hall.  She explains that she got my delivery mixed in with the Saint Joseph's Hospital deliveries.  

I call Sam's again to get connected with HD support.  I talk with HD Support for a little over an hour and a half. I realize that the young man I'm talking to is completely lost, so I make up an excuse to hang up.

I can feel the good karma coming from the class guiding me.  About an hour later I have my computer back. I can feel all the tension and anxiety leave my body. I'll be able to get my week 4 blog in on time. "Failure is no longer my payment for struggles." GS

I really believe that my sudden ability to overcome the adverse condition I was in was due to what Haanel said in MK Week 3 Line 16 " can consciously realize this power by a practical demonstration of your ability to overcome any adverse  condition by the power of your thought, you will have nothing to fear." If only brief moment of time.

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  • Jason
    October 28, 2014

    Computer problems are a pain. Keep on keeping on

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