As The Farmer Sows His Furrowed Fields So Must WE




I understand the relationship between The Greatest Salesman In The World (GS) and the Master Keys that we get from class a little better.  And change to present tense this week on GS fits right in with good programming techniques. 

A farmer must furrow his fields before planting his crop. We must furrow our minds, both of them, before we plant our seeds. By the scroll always referring to the future with the famous "will"; that does to our minds what the farmer does with his plow. The future suggestion opens our minds to the fact that something might happen. To truly have a optimistic attitude you first have to change your mind set. That leads us to creating personal growth.

If we all of a sudden started with present tense statements our active mind, the gatekeeper may reject that statement as faults. Then it will take longer for the present tense statements to seep into our subconscious mind with a positive view. But if we program the conscious mind that something is going to happen and then we change to present tense statements; our subconscious mind has been waiting for that. Come right on in, I've been waiting for you.

The old blueprint keeps popping up. In GS it comes when OG Mandino says things like; "experience is comparable to fashion; an action that proved successful today will be unworkable and impractical tomorrow." Spending most of my life in commission sales and many years on straight commission my blueprint says hog wash.

Most time when starting a new job, you received sales training. Many times, it was a waste of time. I always followed their training for the first few weeks. Once I made a few sales I was able to see what really work and what did not work, thereby learning from this experience and past experiences.  Most of the times, I was one of the company's top salespersons and many the top one.

 For Master Keys (MK) my old blueprint goes back to my retreat at Parris Island.  The universal mind and all minds being one with the universal mind is where I have my problem. I have not been able to comprehend how my mind has anything to do with the minds of ISIS. My training has been to neutralize any treat to my country by any means needed.

Also our blueprint, from class, tells us to "developing love of all humanity." See my problem? It is that stay at Parris Island that developed the warrior ethos that leads us to hate people who want to or do harm to our county.

Any suggestions or advice on how to change that old blueprint will be appreciated. I know it is not as strong as it use to be but it is still there.

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