Be The Observer

Be The Observer


Observer:  : a person who sees and notices someone or something

: a person who pays close attention to something and is considered to be an expert on that thing

: a person who is present at something (such as a meeting) in order to watch and listen to what happens

Full Definition of OBSERVER

:  one that observes: as

a :  a representative sent to observe but not participate officially in an activity (as a meeting or war)

b :  an expert analyst and commentator in a particular field



Which observer are we? I believe we all fit the top definition: a person who sees and notices someone or something. Something can mean endless things. Watching grass grow, flowers bloom, bees pollinate plants and crops, trees bloom and supply fruit, and of course bees making the golden nectar of the Gods – Honey.

Something could mean watching a building going up, a pot hole being filled, truck watering plants in a median, trains roaring by, kids playing park and I could go on and on. But what does observer mean in context of Master Keys Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA).

Be The Observer

From my police days we were taught not to become emotionally involved in saturation when immediate action on our part was not needed. We observed and questioned the people involved before we decided what if any action to take. (maybe this is a contributing factor to not having much emotions today, trained to suppressed emotions) This will help with being an observer for MKMMA.

Being the Observer does fit right in with The Law of Least Effort from last week blog. As the observer if you accept things as they are in this moment; you must be observing the things as they are. If you look at the situation and say that sucks you are now offering an opinion and stopped observing. Is being a MKMMA Observer a slippery slope or what?

I will take Responsibility for my situation as the observer. Let us says that you are part of an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) group and your OATS goal was to make 50 dials and talk to 8 people on a particular day for a contest. Dancing with the Stars is starting a new season; here it is in 7 to 9 pm. You get all tied up with all the hype and the good looking guys and gals on the show. You can't resist and watch it live.

As the observer you take responsibility for not making any call and missing prime calling time from 7pm to 9pm. You know this happened because of decisions you made. Maybe next week you will DVR Dancing with the Stars. The same applied to Defenselessness as the above two.

My Feelings

Observing ourselves is a small part 0f being the observer. We must observer ever thing around us nature, people and how they interact, weather, the beautiful night skies, children whom we can learn a lot from and so much more that exists.  


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