Week Of Silence

No visiting friends, sound system, watching TV, cell phones for talking or texting and no internet; just you alone! What Mark and Davene were saying was to get inside yourself.

If you can't do the 48 hours try for 24 hours. Just shoot the outside world out. Let us look at my week. On Monday I have Digital Connections and Name Gathering, Blogging and Other Social Media Attraction webinars. Tuesday I have, in the middle of the day, Go90Grow Skills Q & A. Next up is Wednesday and yes I have another webinar; this time it is Sean's Inner Circle that I've been a member for almost 4 years.

Wow Thursday and no webinar, yea, but I do have a visit from Senior Services. I don't want to take away her cup of rice so that has to stay. Now I have one day without any webinar or visits, Friday. Yea for Friday but we will get back to Friday later. And now the weekend; Saturday I have Think and Grow Rich Go90Grow and Sunday is our MKMMA Webinar.

Ok, so far it looks like Friday is clear. But wait there is more! I subscribe to a service that supplies me a hot meal of an entry and two vegetables along with a desert four days a week. I want to make sure I'm receiving some properly balance meals each week. I have to sign for the meals, proof of delivery. I receive them week days except Wednesday. Why do I subscribe to this service?

I still cook and my favorite appliance is my NuWave Oven; and yes in their case the info commercial is accurate. Before an old back injury from boot camp starting acting up I used to use it a lot more then now. So food prep time and the wasting of food, due to the size of the packaging, are why I only use it about twice a week. I can pick up a steak or pork chops alone with potatoes and throw in some corn on the cob, when in season, and I got a couple of meals.

Getting back to our topic; what my POA, Plan Of Action? Did I mention that Friday is my shopping day? Well, my POA involves a little over a week.

Week 1on Friday I do shopping for two week period instead of my normal one week. On the following Thursday at 3pm, after my visit from Senior Services, I start my time of silence. It runs, with just receiving my delivery Friday, to Saturday 2 pm. Almost 48 hours but not quite. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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