The Cement Buddha

Cement Buddha

This is a picture from a clip from the movie Finding Joe about Golden Buddha

 Can I count the ways and times we have been told to chip away the cement?  No I can't; can you? It seems that it was a major theme of Master Keys Mastermind Alliance and rightfully so.

After receiving an email from The Fab Davene some quotes from her PDF. "First, the bad news. For better than a decade we see people, right at this point, stop… A simple tell-­‐tale to us is the simple requirements stop getting filling out the survey by a greater number of people… Look, when people decide to not fill out the survey or a couple other simple things like their weekly blog it's pretty clear they have ditched a few other things..and, we've moved off trying to "manage" those things and had that "aha" moment....."

What I believe Davene is talking about can be described using the Cement Buddha. As we know from the short clip that a monk saw a glimmer of gold years after anyone remember adding the cement to the Buddha. Well we have not had years but…

Maybe after five months of chipping away at our cement Buddha we are doing something the monks did not do. Maybe and just maybe some of us our reapplying some of the cement ourselves. Maybe we are trying to get back to our comfort zone, the old blueprint. It appears that we are moving into a part of the course where we will be asked to make some big changes and are we ready for it?

I'm sure that most of us are ready and willing to face whatever challenges are place before us. … But some people are not ready … you know the type (insert your name) … they would rather be surfing the internet, watching the TV or drinking beer. I now as a reader of this blog you are ready to take this challenge so let us charge forward.

I have included a short video on the Golden Buddha that has a real surprise and I hope you enjoy it. From

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  • February 24, 2016

    It was a pleasure to read your 2015 post Jerry. A reminder for me to keep digging in and continue to trust the process.

  • March 3, 2015

    Great point, about us reapplying the cement to our Golden Self, this time from the inside! Something to avoid for sure, though I admit to being one of those would really would rather be vegging in front of the TV – especially during hockey season! I have to keep reminding myself of my future self.

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