Pyramid Of Success Review

 Way, way back in week 2 we were introduced to John Wooden's Pyramid Of Success (POS). Although the POS has been mentioned many times in the week since, it is now revisited in a BIG WAY.

Trish the Dish (they seem to have nicknames for everyone, afraid to find out what my nickname is) goes through each one of the 15 blocks that make up POS and explains when we did them and how.

First is Wooden's definition of success follow by the corner stone's of Industriousness, Enthusiasm and Competitive Greatness. Next comes Self Control, Alertness and Team Sprit that Trish mentions. She combines Loyalty and Cooperation then she moves on to Initiative and combines Skills and Condition.  Intentness followed by the two big one as Trish call them Confidence and Poise.

Trish ties each one of the blocks to the different task or reading that pertains to that block. And at last I can see some of the madness behind the assignments we were given. We did these assignments on blind faith and don't think that other folks could have pulled this off as Mark and Davene did.

There were bumps in the road leading to this point. I don't even think the people that Mark is always mentioning could have come this far without any bumps but I'm sure they combined bumps would have been way less than mine. Bumps are not always bad.

Bumps make you look at what is happening and figure a way over or around them. One bump that seems to follow me is Word Press free site. One week it will accept my comments and the next it won't. It wants me to log on again and when I try to use the same password as last week it won't take it. The next step is to try and get a new password; I put in my email address. It is a fifty – fifty chance that I will receive an email back with the link I need to reset my password. I do check junk mail and on those occasions when I can't reset my password I just skip the entire Word Press sites and go to hosted site.

So that is a way around or over the Word Press bump. There were lots of other bumps I encounter but Word Press was a save example and the longest lasting bump. Some I just ignored the root cause and they just seemed to fade away while others were; let's just say others.

12 Skills
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  • February 26, 2015

    So true with the speed-bumps in Life, PERSIST and we will succeed! Building a solid foundation is the most important focus if we intend to build HUGE dreams into reality!

  • February 22, 2015

    Jerry, It is amazing post. I like it. I have to read many times. Thank you for sharing.

  • February 21, 2015

    Oh, yes! Had some bumps in the road too! Learning and persevering. And I’m liking that we’re getting the explanations of method, too, now that we’ve built the habits!

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