Sun Set


As the sun rises and I start on my journey. I see the long straight road ahead of me. Will it be a smooth and straight journey or bumpy with all sorts of curves ahead? I see a slight curve at the end of my view and hope that it is the only curve I run into. My journey is for 26 weeks and I'm sure there will a few more curve along the way. I'm sure that I will be able to handle any curve that come up. I'm sure that if I keep a positive mental attitude that my personal growth will arrive. 

The book The Greatest Salesman in the World was first published in 1968. The vocabulary and syntactical structure of the book are from a period that I do not recognize, but seem to fit the story bring told perfectly. The story that is leading up to the scrolls is entertaining and a good setup for the scrolls. I'm working on scroll #1, the most important scroll because it teaches the method to study all the scrolls. I do enjoy this book and see the old sales approach of feature and benefit from the very beginning of the book. Using the methods being taught here and other resource material I will be laying the foundation for my new blueprint. 

 As I study the Master Keys! Mastermind! Alliance Experience I ran into Line 26 which I find troubling.  It state in part that "all mind is one mind" meaning I understand it that all minds are connected through the Universal Mind. I am really troubled to think that my mind is connected in any way, shape or form to the terrorists in ISIS.  Being a Marine I have other ways I would describe ISIS but know I should not express it here.

I know I will overcome this but my first paradigms shifts, week 1 blog, train me to hate people who wage war or attempted to harm my county. Many hard hours spent developing the metal psyche that would allow us to kill that enemy without a second though. There seems to be a lot of blueprints I need to change but there are a few I think I want to keep.

There are many points of the Master Keys that make sense but I see that there some I will struggle with.  Some points are completely new to me and some points I knew but through the years have let my bad habits take over.  The controlling the body for 15 minutes is the easiest task so far.

A course I took back in the 70's, Sliva Mind Control, was based on active meditation though controlled relaxation of the body. Using deep breathing and metal suggestion, programming, allow a person to concentrate on only the mind. Many times you would be unaware of your body; at times it was like your consciousness left your body. So sitting still and not moving you body is like a piece of cake.  

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  • Gary
    November 12, 2014

    Hi Jerry,

    You have stated a nice affirmation and intention on Week 1. Yes, from my understanding and realization, all mind is one mind. One universal mind, one universal consciousness. It is not easy to grasp the idea. I will keep it brief here and explain to you on Skype if you are interested.

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