Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Teaching Methods

How are we taught? Well, that really depends on at what age we are referring too. I'm going to break it down to three major area; school years, through high school; college then adulthood. This is all based on my personal experiences.

The School Years

Elementary through grade 6 was based on memory, who can forget the times tables. Reading had two methods if being taught, one was sight reading and the other was phonics. I started out in the public school 3 blocks from my house and they taught sight reading. It was rote memory of the English language with no spelling, just memory. After third grade and my reading and spelling piss poor I was sent to Catholic school. You have to pity on the poor nun that was trying to teach me phonics; she would point to a letter and ask what sound does this letter make? And proud as hell I would say BEE Sister. But most of the first 6 school years was memory.

Junior High was for grade 7 and 8. More memory but we did get to write some book reports, which did cause us to us some thinking skills.

High School grade 9 to 12 was an eye opener. It was the beginning of critical thinking skills. Attending operas and ballets and writing reports on each was challenging. I was at a gathering of alumni recently talking to the principal and he said they just broke the 99 percentile of graduates going to college and close to 90% getting a degree. I was the first class of freshmen to enter the school in its second year in 1958. About 30% of our class of 90 went on to college. They now have 100% of each class going to college and offer Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and Honors Level Classes to their most proficient young men giving them the opportunities to excel at an accelerated pace and possibly earn sophomore standing at many colleges upon completion of their high school years. My time at Columbus, I was just a warm body to fill a seat. We were way ahead of the public schools but nothing like today.


We did get a chance to develop more critical thinking skills but were still told what to think by our professors, sometimes with 100 to 200 other students on class. How we made it through was just a roll of the dice. There was more writing but grade were still based on midterm and final exams.

Now Comes Master Keys Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA)

It is to be a journey into self development. I've been through these types of courses before. "My Ten Steps To…" and the course tell you just what to do that made Joe Schmoe a big success and you must follow each step.

Wait they have us looking for shape and colors and doing other things but not telling us their step we have to do! And this is just week one of 26 weeks. Where are we going and how will we get there without steps? Now they are telling us that they don't want to influence us in our self development journey.

But they really do influence us by allowing us to make discoveries that change our core self. Every person that takes the MKMMA course does get different results. This is not your cookie cutter course where all the students have to fit into the same mold.

They have Trish the Dish (they are big on nicknames) who in her previous life was a NASA Engineer handling the scientific stuff. There is plenty of that for the geeks to keep them happy. They also correct some common accepted quote and fact with proof that the common held belief is incorrect.

The weeks seem to fly by; it is hard to realize that we are in week 17 already. It seem like just last week I was struggling to complete the entrance requirements to get one of the play it forward scholarship. More on The Master Keys Mastermind Alliance in my next blog.

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  • January 29, 2015

    Great review and perspective Jerry. I got similar thoughts when reading Haanel on the 7 phases every 7 years. I will take the time to map it out and see how it all comes together. Thanks for sharing. G

  • Glen Underwood
    January 25, 2015

    The time does fly by. It is interesting to go back and read your early blogs and see your journey

  • Fantastic Jerry – I was right there along with you. AND they DO “influence us by allowing us to make discoveries that change our core self.” So true! What you put in you get out! No passing grades just because you showed up to class! The only person grading us is the “guy/gal in the glass”. Bless

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