Scroll IV

The First Week of 2015 Scroll IV

We started Scroll IV on the first of 2015. "I am nature's greatest miracle." I do have to disagree with that due to a couple young ladies that entered my life. They are tied for 'greatest' leaving me in third position and that is not a bad position. Both young ladies affect my life differently. I was not in a romantic relation with either but both were very close and dear to me.

Later Mandino hit on a point that is a crucial point of all successful people I have known. It alone does not make someone successful in itself; but without it a person is limited to how high they can achieve. I have known many people who have master this skill and not advance even to the middle of their organization. In my forty plus years of being in the work place; I have know many people who have achieved the top levels of their organization and the only one skill they all possessed is the one Mandino is referring too.

When Mandino says "Each I will divorce from the other and thus will I remain wedded to both" he is speaking of home and professional life is something any good sales person knows how to do. Letting in problems from home or other places while doing a sales presentation could mean missing buying signal and ending up talking yourself out of a sale.

I'll use Sales as an example for two reasons; first some of the highest paid professionals are sales people as well as some of the lowest. Second it is where I spent most of my professional career and yes I started at the bottom working behind a counter making minimum wage, I believe it was $1.00 an hour, while in college. I ended turning that into a very nice living.

Other areas of careers have the same crucial skill needed it is not just for sales. Let us consider a couple of other fields, politic and sports. The top political career would be president. Would you want Obama to be worried about what his girls are doing while deciding where to hit ISIS?

Or maybe a NASCAR driver racing around the track at over 165 miles per hour thinking about some home repairs going on in the middle of a race, would you?

Ok I think you see my point, it is really not that difficult; but being able to Departmentalize is no easy task. Like most it take training and you always start with little and meaningless, like our service cards, and build from there. Just my observations and thoughts.

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    January 17, 2015

    Very good observations of the GS.I’ve always believed that the two should never be confused as one.

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