New Years

Master Key Mastermind Alliance 2015


Wow and more wow! We are now entering the second half of our journey. Is there a better way to start then at the beginning of a new year? As our new self emerges from our old blueprint we our beginning with a fresh year; but let us looks back at last year's high and lows now before leaving it behind us.

The first high came when we found our name on the new class list. I must admit that knowing the places in the class were given out on a first come bases I did sign up for the Word Press free web site. Now it was time to get my domain name from Namecheap and transfer it to the hosting company I use.

Next was a mixture of highs and lows. A mentor, who was mentioned in my Blog "Strange Things Happen," had just released a new theme and plug-in, both called Profit Builder. Being one of his Inner Circle members, we were given both.

So I started building the blog you are reading using these new tools. Needless to say there was a learning curve, many starts then stop and redo from the beginning. Then our Digital Connections Divas kept adding things required in our blogs for the first few weeks causing me more changes and redo again. But as my Mom used to say "all is well that ends well."

The next be high came when we found out our blogs had all the required items in them. There was some optional stuff later but they fit into the frame work I had set up for my blogs.

The 7 Day Mental Diet came along and I still have not made 7 days. Something that Mark said should help all of us who have been to strict with our interpretation. He mentioned that fleeing thought that are brushed aside as soon as they appear do not require a reset.

Now the biggest low of all for me was Scroll III. I waited to add this so I would be able to read Scroll IV and make sure that Mandino was back on tract, in my mind at least, and he is. See Week 11 Scroll III about my feelings on that Scroll. 

SpockHave I noticed good things coming to me now that I'm in the MKMMA? Yes, but the question is did the MKMMA cause them to happen or were we paying more attention because of our classes? I hope that it is all from the MKMMA but believe that it is a mix of both and hopefully weight towards the MKMMA.

Live Long and Prosper


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  • isabella suggs
    January 9, 2015

    I think that you are right on both accounts: good things are happening and we are recognizing it because of the course. Either way it’s all positive.

  • January 2, 2015

    Jerry, Like the recap of 2014 in the MKMMA experience. Happy journey in 2015

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