WOW got to see Celtic Thunder Sunday night. Here comes an opinion: I still feel that their first show was the best. There was mystery and intrigue throughout the show. Damian, one of 5 lead singers,  was only 14 or 15 years old during that first show and everyone just marveled at his voice.

The show was sponsored by our local Public Service TV. I was late in ordering my ticket and I ended up in the balcony on the first show. It still was a great show. Now I get a seat in the pit, right next to the stage. The interplay between the performers is interesting and something you don't see from other seating areas.

It does make for a long day now and so many people to say "I love you" to. Wait was someone asking me a question. Just too many people around to try and follow Og's "I love you." A little hard to drive the cart and try to make connecting with all these people, I'll apply the rule to those people I have interaction with for safety concerns.

The one thing that has been evident in all the Celtic Thunder shows I attended is the mood of the audience. They seem mellower then the other shows I have attended since I moved up here; I used to attend 3 or 4 a year when I first got here. They still attract teenage girls, even though Damain left the show a few years ago to act on Glee, I believe he was in 7 to 10 shows; and of course, their mainstay following is females of all ages.

Over the years I've talk to many people at the shows and some drive hundreds of miles to see all shows in our area, up to 3 or 4 and as far south as Indianapolis. Keep in mind that all their shows are wholesome and suitable for all ages, and now my opinion. It seems that there is a connection with the individual singers when they perform solo that I have not seen at other concerts.

Last week I wrote about Blame Remover, well this week is a little of the results from using it. That fits in real nice with Og "Persistence" that he writes about in Scroll III. If I did not persist in all the things I had to get to done in order to make the show; I might have written about TV dinners.  

Celtic Thunder Ticket

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