Rob Norton CBS Chicago: December 21, 2017

I recently interview a gentleman that I had seen at several of the charity events. He was new to the scene and easy to notice because of his red electric cart with the Marine Corps sticker on the front.

His name is Jerry Bronner and he has quite interesting story. He said growing up in Florida was a real pleasure, even the hurricane parties they used to have, but I want to condense it to a few short paragraph to spend more time on his later years.

After spending 4 years in the Marine Corps, 13 month in Vietnam, he was a Deputy Sheriff with the Dade County Sheriff Department for a year before joining Sears as an outside salesperson. After his first full year he was the top salesperson in the Miami Group, 10 Sears store. 

Over the years he said he had some real high and lows. Two of his highest high was his catamaran sailboat racing and the first time he took home his weekly pay of over $1000.00 after all taxes and insurance was deducted. This was the mid 80's and here is what he said; "I knew the check was going to be big but I had no idea it was going to be that large. I pulled up at the drive through teller, opened the envelope and did a double take at the amount, signed the check and was trying to remember to breath." I had a hard time realizing that I had made over $1500.00 in commissions. That was the first of many checks like that. After the first 3 I stop being amazed and expected that income.

We now jumped forward to around 2012. Jerry is retired and moved to the Chicago area to be close with his younger brother Glenn. He joined the one on line opportunity that was quite expensive and kept his annual payments up to date till now.  Through friends he was introduce to a marketer who went my Mark J, who offered free training in Multi Level Marketing (MLM). He went through the 12 free training videos and was amazed at the psychology behind the lessons.

As Jerry skips to May 2013, he mentions that he joins an MLM where they do all the marketing for their members.  Each new member is guaranteed 2 people in their down line and they don't have to do anything. Jerry being Jerry applied what he learned from Mark J and supplements the company building effort. It was in this time that Jerry heard about another course that Mark was offering.

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance is a 6 month course that will change anyone life.  Jerry got on the waiting list and made sure he was one of the first to join. Funny thing is the course is not sold at any amount. It is based on Play It Forward Scholarships. And the neat part is that there are assignments that you must complete to maintain your scholarship. These assignments are all easy to meet and require about an hour a day to fulfill. Jerry further said "This course has allowed me to be able to contribute to affairs like the one you have seen me at."


As Jerry relate he was living in a one bedroom apartment that had several stairs leading to the entrance door and more leading to his floor. This prevented him from bring his cart into the apartment. One of his major purposes was to get in apartment that had access for his cart.

Jerry speaking, I had three main aims: first was to make sure my brother could retire early. He had spent too many years as a grounds supervisor for Mercy Hospital and the weather in Chicago had taken its toll on his body. Second was to move to a new apartment, let other people worry about building maintenances, that would accommodate my cart and give one room for an office. Third was to contribute to the Shiner's Hospitals and The Wounded Warriors Project.

I'm proud to say that all three aims were met on time and the feeling of moving into the new apartment I just can't describe.  I had all new furniture deliver and set up. What a rush and with the movers packing everything up that I was taking, it was my easiest move. Purchased some new electronic and part of the deal was they would hook everything up. The best part is right in front of my door with restricted parking sign is my parking spot. How cool is that.

My brother was over to help supervisor during the moved and took early retirement about 2 weeks later.  The Shiner's Hospitals and The Wounded Warriors Project express their gratitude where none was needed or wanted.

That was just the beginning because things just keep coming my way allowing me to give more. I'm even thinking of heading back to Miami to see how I can help my old high school. Like Mark and Davene say "give more get more." Oh the internet business I joined in 2012 just had their IPO and my Com Points earned me a nice high 6 figure payday.