What Will It Do For You

The beauty of the Master Key Experience is that you determine what you want it to do for you. "Hey I've taken self help course before and they told me what to do and the outcome." NOT with the Master Key Experience. We had about 300 people complete the course last time and that means there were 300 different outcomes and 300 different paths to get to those different outcomes.

Enjoy Mark's A Trillion Reasons to Believe in Miracles video and pay attention to the people who have already completed the course. They were all at a Mastermind at Kalaheo, HI. Something to look forward to.


First What It Has Done For Me

Wow where to start? No I did not make a Million Dollars in the last year. That was not part of my Definite Major Purpose in life. One of them was Helping Others and like Carolynn who now lives in Costa Rico or Mareia who now leads our Social Media Technological Digital Diva  I am getting back to Helping Others.

Let's start way back on week 4 when things just seem to happen with more small miracles than in the past. As the weeks wear on our studies seem to go from tedious, been too many years since I had homework, to fun and allowing more of my creative expressions to come out. The PowToon short video and more creative GIF. The Week 20 Pyramid of Success Review and my opt-in page for the free mental diet were the hardest GIF to create. Those two took more time then the PowToons I created, especially the one on my opt-in page.

Small Miracles upon Small Miracles just seem to keep happening. That Celtic Thunder Week 10 thing; so many things had to come together to have it happen. As time rolls on the Miracles seem to get bigger, for me. Celtic Woman is one of the bigger ones. Check it out and watch the curtain go up and see if you can pick me out.

Getting Back To Helping Others

I have been supporting WTTW local PBS TV station for years. This past year I made a financial commitment to support the Shriner's Hospitals for Children, from my days of being a Shriner back in Florida, and Wounded Warriors Project also dear to my heart being a USMC Vietnam Veteran. But most of all I'll be helping people directly this year's.

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