Master Key Experience And My Addiction

All About Addiction

Okay so I admit that I'm addicted. Are we all addicted to something? Let's examine the definition of addicted.

Merriam-Webster on line:
1:  to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively
2:  to cause addiction to a substance in (a person or animal)
For my purposes definition number one is what we will work with.

Celtic Woman

Where It All Started

When I lived in Miami I used to go to the Coconut Grove Theater frequently. I was a Deputy Sheriff and we had complaints of young man on a motorcycle speeding through what was then known as Nixon's Compound. So if I ever saw him I had plans to stop him and ask him to slow down within a residential area.

When I finally stopped the person it turned out to be one of the stars of "Hair"  and checking his driver's license I found out we were both from Hawaii. While we both talked for a while and he agreed to slow down and invited me to see "Hair" by calling a number and leaving a message for him that I needed tickets for that night.

I never called him while I was a deputy sheriff but once I left them we became good friends. I saw "Hair" more times than I can count. And continue to go to the Coconut Grove Theater after "Hair" left. I found it was a great place to take dates in the 70s and early 80s.

My Move From Florida To Chicagoland

Yes I did just the opposite that most people do, move south for retirement. I moved to this area because I was getting close to retiring and my only blood relative, my brother, lived up here and had a large extended family. He also had a pretty good position for employment and made out really well.

I tried to lure him back to Florida and tried to bribe him with all the food he loved and could not get up north. Things like picking your own mangos, guavas and oranges and having real southern food like sausage gravy and biscuits or maybe Cuban coffee. Heck you can't even get real sweet tea when you leave to south. All to no avail but he did suggest I move up here and stay with him while I got settled in. Now you know the rest of the story.

My Addiction

You asked what is it that I'm addicted to; going to see shows through our public broadcasting local TV channel. After seeing Celtic Thunder on a whim I found I miss going to live events. I have been to several that were not PBS sponsored but managed to always go to at least one, here again Celtic Thunder, that are PBS sponsored every year.

This year Celtic Thunder was not coming to the Chicago area so from PBS's offerings I chose Jackie Evancho. Unfortunately Jackie canceled and PBS refunded my money. Three days later I get a call from PBS offering Celtic Woman meet and greet long with pit seating. I have been to one of their concerts many years ago and did not really enjoying it. So I accepted it with not much expectation of a good show. See what addiction will cause you to do?

Was I surprised at the fabulous show they put on

There were three lead singers and their violin player, who's been there from the very first show and the only one still there. They not only sang but they also danced along with their support dancers and singers. That was something that was missing from my first encounter with Celtic Woman where the lead singer just got in different formations and sang.

Master Key Experience Make Strange Things Happen

Things like this keep happening to me where it seems all things happen for a reason that has a great outcome as part of The Master Keys Experience. This is only some of the minor things that have happened to me and if you would like to join in The Master Keys Experience starting at the end of September just sign up for the Mental Diet, top right of page, and I'll make sure that you get an early notice. Last year class filled up in about 4 or 5 days for the scholarship space. That is the only way to join; you can't buy your way in.

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