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The Feature

Now we will switch gears to writing a blog from making sales calls. I'm going to put a feature before at the beginning of the paragraph I write about it.

The Master Keys Mastermind Alliance

What I Got Out Of It

(Being More Positive) Through the years I had become very negative. Some of it was because I had jobs in selling where I had to look for problems. Some came from hanging around restaurants, with a counter, and discussing what was wrong with the world.

So the MKMMA sounded to go to be true. Hey they had people that the course helped go to India and become yoga instructor. Another just packed up and moved to Costa Rico two years ahead of their plan move. Others had their business just take off. Help me become positive should be easy.

Well that is not how it went. My old blueprint, the thing that controlled how I acted, just would not give up. I knew that being positive improve how I looked at life, makes me happier and I hope more good things happens.

(Going Back To School) Ok that should not be too bad; I went back to college to get my degree in my late forties.  Let's see we had 3X5 cards, read the scrolls (Og), notice shape and colors, read The Master Keys System (Haanel), make up a chore card and create a Definite Major Purpose for our lives. Are you kidding me?

No they were not. Looking back two things were going on during those first weeks: 1. We were finding out who really wanted to improve their life by taken action and do the work. 2. After the first couple of weeks the work load seems not to be that bad. Maybe we were getting into a routine and it just became part of our day.

Let's just continue with a brief summary of what happened. I'll start with my week 4 blog – Crashed. You can't believe how the old blueprint just rose up and tried to master me. As we move on strange things seem to keep happening to me Week 7 blog. I don't believe in coincidences and the ones in the blog are just a few.

We come to week 9 and 10 where more good things seem to happen. I still don't buy in 100% but start wondering. As more time passes I do take the Hero Journey. The proof is when a friend tells me how much more I have become positive!

Choose The Correct Feature

Aren’t all features ok to use? Sure they are but do these features fit your audience. As an example lets says that you are blogging about saltwater fishing; you would not want to post a blog on how to catch more bass, a fresh water fish.

One way to narrow down who is your audience is to use Facebook tools. Even if you don't plan on running ads in Facebook their tools can supply valuable information. As example people who respond to masterminding are 54% woman and between the ages of 25 to 34. And that is just the base information you can find out there.

Remember all feature are good but some reach more of the audience and that is the game changer. 

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