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Week 5 Busy – Busy

by Jerry
What a week! What started out a simple planned week did not stay that way. Let me tell you a bit about Jerry. I’m 71 years old and born on Ground Hogs Day. As I got into my late sixties I realized that I was really set in my ways, the old blueprint. As I looked back at the schooling and training I receiver beside the reading, writing and math I found that one training stand out the most. It was not the sales training I had received several times but the training I got at Parris Island. To say [...]


by Jerry
Sorry about the delay in posting this blog but I had several issues that came up! The Feature Now we will switch gears to writing a blog from making sales calls. I'm going to put a feature before at the beginning of the paragraph I write about it. The Master Keys Mastermind Alliance What I Got Out Of It (Being More Positive) Through the years I had become very negative. Some of it was because I had jobs in selling where I had to look for problems. Some came from hanging around restaurants, with a counter, and discussing what was [...]