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by Jerry
SMART Goals (SG) lead us to our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) in Life. SMART Goals (SG) require us to give time in order to accomplish those goals. If you think you will have to spend 5 minutes a day on your SG to accomplish them you’re dreaming. I believe it will take at least 2 hours a day to all the ting the class requirers. This includes the Sit which you will be working on your DMP plus other topics that will arise. Now the 2 hours is the average per day. Where will you find the extra time? This [...]

Week 4 At Last

by Jerry
  Week 4 seems to be the week that I correct computer problems. The main reason for this year problems that has a direct effect on MKE is I could not log into my blog. Every time I would try to log in I received a message like this. ‘Your site it is lock out for the next 24 hours due to three failed attempts.’  I had not been on my blog for at least a week. It seems that someone was using my IL address in attempts to log on to my blog. I have two very good plug-ins [...]

Week Three

by Jerry
Baby Steps It Was     I'm still fighting it in week 3 of last year. I just could not look at the big picture for some reason. Now that I can look back at it I realize that it was a learned talent (?) that I developed. I can tell you one thing good about it. It started well after my dating days or I would have never found anyone to date. There are no ladies that could pass my old blueprint nick picking about everything. Oh I dated a few ladies that were darn near perfection but they would [...]

Week Two

by Jerry
  I AM BUSY I still remember week 2 from last year. I thought that I was just so busy with all the work. Little did I know that this year's week 2 would make last year's week seem like I was taking a nap. Oh I did struggle some and that I expected. Here is a quick quote from last year: "There are many points of the Master Keys that make sense but I see that there some I will struggle with.  Some points are completely new to me and some points I knew but through the years have [...]

Week One

by Jerry
 So It Begins  (again)   Well a year ago that was the name of my first blog. Some of my though from last year are below. "I  have had several paradigms shifts in my life and I know this one will be the most important. Some changes from previous shift amazed me on how much I changed; while others only changed a small part of my makeup. This one needs to be a major shift to change the blueprints I have collected over the years." Did it work? I coined a name GOM which describes how I use to be. A [...]