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by Jerry
AS THE SUN RISES MY JOURNEY BEGINS        As the sun rises and I start on my journey. I see the long straight road ahead of me. Will it be a smooth and straight journey or bumpy with all sorts of curves ahead? I see a slight curve at the end of my view and hope that it is the only curve I run into. My journey is for 26 weeks and I'm sure there will a few more curve along the way. I'm sure that I will be able to handle any curve that come up. I'm sure that [...]

Week 1 So It Begins

by Jerry
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So It Begins      I have had several paradigms shifts in my life and I know this one will be the most important. Some changes from previous shift amazed me on how much I changed; while others only changed a small part of my makeup. This one needs to be a major shift to change the blueprints I have collected over the years. The work needed for this course seems to be overwhelming but I'm sure I'll be able to manage it.  As time move on and the study and work become an automatic routine that I will enjoy [...]