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Week 13 Christmas Week

by Jerry
Well the best laid plans of mice and men, reset charging for tomorrow. One of Glenn's step kids that brings out the Marine side of me ...
My Printer

Week 12 The Printer…

by Jerry
Over the weekend I found about all the new 3X5 cards we were to make with the "hug your bear" on the back.

Week 11 Scroll lll

by Jerry
Scroll II is love, love, love, and more love; I thought I was back in the sixties. Wait the book was published in 1968 and probably written in the sixties.


by Jerry
It does make for a long day now and so many people to say "I love you" to. Wait was someone asking me a question. Just too many people around to try and follow Og's "I love you."

Week 9 Blame Remover

by Jerry
I really wanted to give him a big kiss for that but figured they would take me down to the Section 8 ward if I did...

Week 8 AT LAST

by Jerry
the rink each night they all ways play Love Is Blue and that turn out to be our skate

Week 7 Strange Things Happen

by Jerry
my surprise an offer to Skype with me the next day was made and I accepted.

Week 6 The Old Blueprint

by Jerry
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The Old Blueprint We are in our sixth week of the program and my old blueprint keeps popping its head up. I had hoped that by now it would be hiding somewhere down deep in my subby. But it seems not to like the readings we are doing. Almost every time during the readings is where it sticks it head up. I even name it Briner, that how the kids in the neighborhood pronounce my last name. I thought that I had put it to rest but in the last week or two its seems to have a life of [...]


by Jerry
Crashed, bummer, what to do now? Will I have time to get my week 4 blog up?  I need my computer back up so I don't get dropped from this year's class.   Repeated do it now way over 25 times to build confidence.  What a way to wake up Wednesday's morning. Hawaii Time is about 5 hours later then I am, so some feel good moment, a little one.  First, call Sam's Tech Support to get a little pro support. That was an interesting conversation; spent almost as much time on hold, while she looked what to say next, as [...]

Week 3 So Must WE

by Jerry
As The Farmer Sows His Furrowed Fields So Must WE       I understand the relationship between The Greatest Salesman In The World (GS) and the Master Keys that we get from class a little better.  And change to present tense this week on GS fits right in with good programming techniques.  A farmer must furrow his fields before planting his crop. We must furrow our minds, both of them, before we plant our seeds. By the scroll always referring to the future with the famous "will"; that does to our minds what the farmer does with his plow. The future suggestion opens [...]