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Week 21 The Cement Buddha

by Jerry
The Cement Buddha This is a picture from a clip from the movie Finding Joe about Golden Buddha Story.mov/  Can I count the ways and times we have been told to chip away the cement?  No I can't; can you? It seems that it was a major theme of Master Keys Mastermind Alliance and rightfully so. After receiving an email from The Fab Davene some quotes from her PDF. "First, the bad news. For better than a decade we see people, right at this point, stop… A simple tell-­‐tale to us is the simple requirements stop getting met....like filling out [...]

Week 20 Pyramid Of Success Review

by Jerry
And at last I can see some of the madness behind the assignments we were given.

Week 19 I Live This Day As…

by Jerry
I believe the message is to live each day as if it is your last day to accomplish your definite major purpose. This does appear to have a good motive behind it...

Week 18 Hero’s Journey

by Jerry
Let us Fast Forward to current times. Am I taking the Hero Journey? I sure hope so. A few things that make me feel that way are...

Week 17a Teaching Methods II

by Jerry
Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Teaching Methods II   A big part of Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Teaching Methods is to make sure they are not another self-help course. We don't get directions to memorize Joe Schmoe's Ten Secrete Steps To Wealth. As a matter of fact I don't remember anything we had to memorize. They do give out assignment to do every week and some sound strange the first couple weeks. After that you sort of get used to having things to do that you don't understand the reason for the assignment. Somewhere between week 8 and 10 it becomes [...]
Master KEYS Mastermind Alliance

Week 17 MKMMA Teaching Methods

by Jerry
It is to be a journey into self development. I've been through these types of courses before...


by Jerry
How many of us go around on autopilot not aware of our surroundings? Just watch your evening news ,,,

Week 15 Scroll IV

by Jerry
"I am nature's greatest miracle." I do have to disagree with that due to a couple young ladies that entered my life.

Week 14 MKMMA 2015

by Jerry
The first high came when we found our name on the new class list. I must admit that knowing the places in the class were given out on a first come bases...