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Master Key Experience – Word of Wisdom

by Jerry
Master Key Experience – Word of Wisdom 1 GIANT Reason to Find Out About The MKE All of us have gotten our first Words of Wisdom from our Moms. Like the words below although supplement with a few pictures: One of my Mom's favorite: "If wishes were horses then beggars would ride." More on this one later but another favorite "Birds of a feather flock together" were the two I heard no matter how old I got. As Mom used to say, some of them that you might have heard of are! "A penny save is a penny earned" or maybe [...]

What Did I Do This Summer?

by Jerry
Some Personal Secrets  I have been studying to help people when they take a course that coming up. Why would I do this? Good question and a couple of reason. But first, a little bit of my history. Growing up in Miami Florida and living four block from a city park and pool; I spent a lot of summers at the city pool even becoming a Jr. Life Guard. After high school I was a Life Guard for the City of Miami during the summers. After I was discharge from the Marine Corps I entered the Police Academy for the Dade [...]

Master Key Experience The Interview

by Jerry
  Ever wonder about Mark and Davene's Master Key course? Learn all about it on this interview by Richard Bliss Brooke of  Mark Januszewski, The Lazy Networker. Clicking on the link below!

Master Key Experience And My Addiction

by Jerry
All About Addiction Okay so I admit that I'm addicted. Are we all addicted to something? Let's examine the definition of addicted. Merriam-Webster on line: 1:  to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively 2:  to cause addiction to a substance in (a person or animal) For my purposes definition number one is what we will work with. Where It All Started When I lived in Miami I used to go to the Coconut Grove Theater frequently. I was a Deputy Sheriff and we had complaints of young man on a motorcycle speeding through what was then known [...]

What Did The Master Key Mastermind Alliance Do For Me

by Jerry
  What Did The Master Key Mastermind Alliance > Do For Me   We really need to start with a little bit a history to help you understand my mindset. The biggest change my life can when going through Marine Boot Camp at Parris Island. Besides the physical changes, the mental changes were unbelievable. This is where I found that you do your job properly and completely. After leaving the Marine Corps I found that I had little time for people that could not do their job. Through the years I unfortunately developed the habit of getting very upset and [...]

Week 25 Finished – Done

by Jerry
Finished – Done   Week 25 the last webinar was our Commencement! No more webinars to guide us. No more mastermind after the webinars. We are on our own. But isn't that the reason that the reason that we took The Master Keys Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) in the first place? To become more self reliant and to get back to the state (age) when be believed that anything was possible. And let us not forget about the ladies of the Digital Connections we met with on Monday nights, thank God for DVRs to record our favorite team. It is hard [...]

Week 24 Be The Observer

by Jerry
Be The Observer   Observer:  : a person who sees and notices someone or something : a person who pays close attention to something and is considered to be an expert on that thing : a person who is present at something (such as a meeting) in order to watch and listen to what happens Full Definition of OBSERVER :  one that observes: as a :  a representative sent to observe but not participate officially in an activity (as a meeting or war) b :  an expert analyst and commentator in a particular field Merriam-Webster    Which observer are we? [...]

Week 23 The Law of Least Effort

by Jerry
The Law of Least Effort   We start with Mark giving Og Mandino's life story to demonstrate The Law of Least Effort. I had highlighted some points on Og life in my blog Week 22A Master Of My Emotions. Coincidence or great minds thinking alike? Come on now that worth a laugh. The Law of Least Effort has three main components: Acceptance, Responsibility and Defenselessness. I'm going to discuss each one individually. Acceptance From the animation above "I accept things as they are in this moment, not as I wish they were." Does this mean that we can't try to [...]

Week 22A Master Of My Emotions

by Jerry
Master Of My Emotions   "I will be master of my emotions;" so begins Scroll VI in typical Mandino style. We start with the tide that advances then recedes. Winter changes to summer and back to winter… to end with "my moods will rise; my moods will fall." Shortly thereafter he comes with a plan of battle for awakening. I will review a few of them and add my thought. "If I feel depressed I will sing." This might work for most people and probably does; but in my case my voice is so bad I would scare myself and [...]

Week 22 Week Of Silence

by Jerry
Week Of Silence No visiting friends, sound system, watching TV, cell phones for talking or texting and no internet; just you alone! What Mark and Davene were saying was to get inside yourself. If you can't do the 48 hours try for 24 hours. Just shoot the outside world out. Let us look at my week. On Monday I have Digital Connections and Name Gathering, Blogging and Other Social Media Attraction webinars. Tuesday I have, in the middle of the day, Go90Grow Skills Q & A. Next up is Wednesday and yes I have another webinar; this time it is [...]