In The Beginning 
There Was: Jerry Bronner


Although I was born in Honolulu Hawaii, the family move to Springfield MA when I was 4 month old. Thank Mom and Dad! We move again to Miami FL when I was 4 years old. So I consider Miami my home town because that was where I grew up.

 Along the way while growing up I did have a few interesting happenings.  When I was 13 I went on a good will tour to Cuba, right after Castro took over.  The trip was possible because I was in a club sponsored Dade County Sheriff Department. It was strange down there because ever where we went there was several of Castro fighters.  All had long beards and carried Thompson Sub-machine Guns. 

After a couple of years in Junior College I became a Marine through lots of hard work, sweat, blood and even a few tears at Parris Island SC.  I did my tour in Vietnam in 1968 - 69.  Got there right after the Tet Offensive of 1968.

As Time Progressives

I leave the Marine Corps and my first job is as a Deputy Sheriff with the Dade County Sheriff Department, now called Miami Dade. After about a year the job, it lost all its appeal so I change into what was to become the professions I would followed.  It was really two different career path that were somewhat related, Retail Management and Commission Sales. I put about ten years in retail management at Sears and Montgomery Wards.  

While starting my career at Sears one of the manager had just purchased a small catamaran sailboat. He asked me to help him launch it for the first time.  That ignited a passion in me for catamaran racing and just fun day sailing, like the picture on the right shows of one of my cats.  I purchased 4 different cats through the years. We sailed off of a causeway in Miami and almost cause several auto accidents.  On good windy days we would pull a water skier behind our cat and have cars doing dumb things to get a better look.


Commission Sales Career

My commission sales career was very interesting. Many times it was straight commission, no sale no pay. Much of the time it was industrial sales. Some of my customer you might recognize are Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Tropicana Orange Juice and Minute Maid.  There were hundreds more that I called on but those were the main account with name recognition.

At all the accounts there are many things going on the public never sees, but Disney lead the way on that. When getting my all area pass at Disney, I was in an office and got my paper stamp and told to go through the double doors to the next office to be issued the pass. I walked out the door and looked down and I was on Main Street USA on the second floor. Then there are the famous tunnels that run under the Magic Kingdom. There is more going in the tunnels then upstairs where all the guest are. There were so many areas it would take a book to tell that story.  

December 2004 
Warm Florida to Cold Illinois

I moved to Joliet IL because my brothers, my only blood relative, live here and he has an extended family here. Try as I might, I could NOT get him to move back to Florida.  


I officially retired in 2011 but because of my age at that time, 64 – 65; my last two years of working was job hunting. It seems that age does matter.  I have been active in online marketing since the late 90's. One reason for that is that I noticed people who retired seem to fade away with the exception of those individual whom kept their mind active.

I do give to the Shiner's Children Hospitals and the Wounded Warrior Fund. You just have to give something back to those that are not as fortunate as I am. I do other chartable things and even mention it in one of my blogs. Also check out my hair when the curtain goes up.

That brings me to another thing that is dear to my heart , kids with cancer. I donate hair to Lock of  Love to make wigs for children who have medically lost their hair. Here again this was started long before hearing of Emerson's Give More Get More. Although there is a $25.00 a month I no longer have to give to hair cutters.

In The End
There Is: Jerry Bronner